Please Don't Hit Me

Image: ‘Insurance Disclaimer‘  by Andre Steinmetz
at  (CC BY-SA 2.0) 
Found on flickrcc.net

Even though I’ve worked for a lot of different corporations, non-profits, and government agencies, this blog contains my personal opinions, it’s not meant to reflect the views of my present or former employers, managers, co-workers, employees, or clients, nor does it reflect the views of college administrators, faculty, staff, or students.

Since I have worked with technology in the past and present, and have taught many web related non-credit and credit classes, I’ve created a ton of id’s when creating and testing assignments for my students, faculty and staff. I’ve forgotten quite a few of them, unfortunately. For this blog, I created a new and “personal” Facebook and Twitter account, and associated it with a pretty new email account. So if you see stuff out there, it may be my professional persona, or who knows?

Image Attributions: I really like creative commons search.

I make a great deal of effort to give credit to those artists who are so generous with their works, such as images, illustrations and clip art. I usually display images that require attribution, and link back to the original work, but a few artists don’t want their works used commercially and/or don’t want their works modified in any way.

Why give image/artistic work attributions? We must respect the wishes of artists so they will continue to license their works in a way that allows us to enjoy their work. If you see something that needs to be changed in my blog, please let me know by using my About web page to contact me. If you’re not sure how to give credit to artists who choose to use Creative Commons to license their work, check out Creative Common’s how-to guides. 

Your cool stuff: If you have images you want to share with others, but want to control the license, use Creative Common’s license area to license your work the way you feel comfortable with. Otherwise, every person’s works are private, not to be used by anyone without permission.

If that was a bunch of gobbledygook (or was a confusing mess) to you, check out what Creative Commons is all about-it’s pretty wonderful. FYI: I also use works contributed to the public domain, but try to link back to the original source as well.

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