Bucket List Outdoor Trips

I’ve been on a number of trips I’ve always dreamed of…I started on my bucket list in my late 20’s..after a couple of tragedies..I realized you couldn’t take it for granted that you’d get to try to do what you always wanted to..if you kept putting them off.

My first bucket list trip was when I saved up, quit my job, and went to over 20 national parks and monuments. I usually camped and hiked, but I did stay at some youth hostels.

The first trip was to a Women Outdoors Gathering in New Hampshire… I visited a friend in Vermont, got bit by a lot of mosquitoes, and went south.

It took a bit..but I stopped by a friend in Chicago and another one in Minneapolis..then set out on my own. I forgot-before Chicago I went to Mammoth Cave National Park and stopped in Louisville with a friend, too!

First stop was Custer State Park in South Dakota. Saw the wandering burros…in front of my car.

Begging Burro Portrait at Custer State Park

Next stop: Devil’s Tower National Monument…I hiked it a bit but didn’t climb it (well, not far, you’re not suppose to climb it without a permit when I visited).

Update: I forgot that I also went to Badlands National Park, too-how could I forget that?


Image: Begging Burro Portrait at Custer State Park, by Matthew Paulson,
Some Rights Reserved