All-Male Fox Panel Laments Female Breadwinners

Media Matters posted an article titled Fox Figures: Rise In Female Breadwinners Is A Sign Of Society’s Downfall and started with this paragraph:

Fox host Lou Dobbs and several Fox contributors — all men — lamented news that a record number of women are now the economic breadwinners of their families. The Fox figures worried about the dissolution of American society and nature.

The commentators were discussing a new Pew Research study titled Breadwinner Moms that pointed out that 1 in 4 women (married and unmarried) are the family breadwinner in US families with “minor” children. Fox contributor Juan Williams was worried that there was “something going terribly wrong in American society”.

Even more surprisingly,  Erick Erickson, a new Fox contributor, claimed that people who defend female breadwinners are “anti-science.” Somehow, Erick Erickson thought that since he had noticed that  males were dominant in the “natural” world, then our society must be tearing apart by the seams because we now have a growing number of female breadwinners. I fail to see how female breadwinners are ruining society, but then, I’m not a Fox commentator..

Watch for yourself: “Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson on Women and (other animals)” video, shown below.

Update: Here’s a similar video, since the last one was taken down by YouTube (the poster was violating copyrights..)

If the video doesn’t display, here’s a direct link to Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson on Women and (other animals) or []