NC moves away from education


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by Martin Fisch (CC BY 2.0)
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I’ve been working with NC community colleges for the past 12 years, since a community college really turned my life around..when I was hired, you had to write about what you thought of the open door policy at the 58 NC community colleges..we accepted anyone who wanted to learn..but because of relentless budget cuts, we have to tell students to go to other schools when our classes fill..this has been happening the last two years..many many community colleges are in worse shape. I just hate not being able to teach those who want and need it! NC has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation..yet our legislators provided money for private schools vs public schools..this past legislative session..

A lot is said about the cuts in university faculty and K -12 teachers but NC community college faculty and staff can’t get we can be laid off or fired at any time…our College President has done all he could..cutting part-time adjuncts, not hiring staff after they leave or retire..but now he may have to lay off staff and faculty..K-12 teachers are losing pay increases for getting their masters now..we lost that years ago..even though more classes require a masters before you can teach it.

Most of our senior staff have our middle management is retiring as well..and folks aren’t interested in taking on more and more tasks..we’ve gotten 2% in pay increases in 12 we’re not doing it for the money!

fyi: I don’t teach English..