Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Crater Lake/Oregon Caves

Crater Lake National Park, Phantom Ship Island

Crater Lake National Park, Phantom Ship Island by waswisgirl1 CC BY-NC-ND

After hiking a bit in Olympic National Park in Washington, my buddy and I went to Oregon to check out the coast, Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument.

I’d heard of and been to many of the National Parks I visited this summer, when I was a kid with my parents, such as the Badlands/Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Olympic National Park, but I’d never heard of Crater Lake National Park or Oregon Caves National Monument.

Crater Lake National Park was very surprising. We took a boat tour of the weirdest blue 2000 foot deep lake and islands-nothing like cruising on top a dormant volcano. The lake was beautiful, but eery.  It’s the deepest lake in the US. Who knew? The hike down to the boat tour was intense, if only I was in shape like that now!

I’d been to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky earlier in the summer, and had taken a boat ride in the cave, but my buddy Anne and I wanted to see something different after the green, green, green of Olympic National Park in Washington and the blue/green of Crater Lake, so we went to Oregon Caves National Monument.

My pictures of the cave turned out perfectly dreadful, but the NPS has some great pics you can download, so I added one of the Ghost Room above, the largest room in the cave that I had seen. There’s also a lot of strange tales about the caves and park as well, you if you want to check them out. Both the Oregon park and monument were unique and worth the trip!