Interesting Research: Education Could Use More ‘Connected’ Learning

Saw this 1/17/13 article in Campus Technology, where American and British researchers have released a report on Connected Learning. According to the author of the article Dian Schaffhauser, the report:

“advocates for a design for learning that is “peer supported,” “interest-powered,” and “academically oriented.”

What do the researchers propose young learners need today? According to the article, learners need to:

“link personal interests, often pursued online, to academic and career endeavors and civic engagement with the help of friends and ‘caring’ adults.”

What do they recommend learning environments should look like?

ConnectEd-Learning-SpheresImage: ‘ConnectEd-Learning-Spheres
by Tim Klapdor (CC BY 2.0) Found on

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Becky’s ETMOOC Introduction


I prefer using graphics and now even video to express I how feel, as I interact with people using text (faculty and staff) every day. I use a lot of graphics (creative commons images and illustrations), YouTube videos and now Softchalk in my online class, as I know some students get lost in a sea of words.

It’s still hard for me to use my own voice in videos, but I do use Jing to record what I do on my computer (demoing lab assignments) for my web/internet online class.

I’m also using WordPress, which is out of my comfort zone-I use Blogger usually. So here’s my Animoto video, my intro for #etmooc: “A bit of my past, present and what I think of the future”