Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Redwoods

Redwoods National Park tree

Redwoods National Park tree by waswisgirl1 CC  BY-NC-ND

Went to Redwoods National Park after hiking a bit in Crater Lake National Park and walking around the caves at Oregon Caves National Monument.

I’d been to the Redwoods National Park as a child and remembered driving through a Redwood and walking on top of a stump that was as big as a ball room, so I had to go back and see what it was like as an adult.

Yep, the trees are big all right, as you can tell by the blurry picture above. I did look at some of the “classic” redwoods, but at each park, I liked to pick a cool boat ride or trail to hike that was out of the ordinary. My buddy Anne and I  found out you could register for a backcountry-ish type hike where a ranger would open up a gate and let you in to a remote area, so you could hike back out to your car out of it. We did just that. It was gorgeous, but the trip out was the most exciting part.

The road out of the “backwoods” was a narrow road through a huge slope, with the right side of the slope nearly straight up into the sky, and the left side a huge slope down-where I couldn’t see the bottom, with all of the foliage. All of a sudden, something came at the car from the right and we mashed on the brakes to avoid hitting it. Not one but two small black bear cubs came crashing down right in front of our car. I was such a ninny and was screaming (I’m usually pretty calm but there’s something about being trapped in a car..) and my buddy Anne was like “what the heck is wrong with you!”. I swore the mother bear was going to land on our tiny car if we didn’t start moving immediately (I always seem to be around baby and mother bears, and it usually didn’t go well for me-bears always win). Finally, Anne moved the car and I felt like we going to make it out of there-and we did. Onto Lassen Volcanic National Park!