Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Glacier

hiking in glacier national park

hiking in glacier national park

After Yellowstone, I drove to the south end of Glacier National Park, since I was on my way to Seattle to pick up a friend who was going to travel with me for a while.

I found my old campground / trail maps, and discovered I had stayed at Two Medicine in Glacier National Park. The first night the ranger came by and told me I had to put everything that could be considered food, including toothpaste and soaps with scents, into my trunk or they’d store it for me, since the Grizzly’s were very active in the eastern part of the park in the summer and they didn’t want to attract them.

Hiking in Glacier-Two Medicine

Hiking in Glacier-Two Medicine by waswisgirl1, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I read the info the park rangers provided about bears, so I bought these huge bear bells, and sang loudly while hiking..I ran across two backpackers, who took my picture, above. Since the foliage came up to my waist, and I was crossing streams, I had no choice but to make a lot of noise. Luckily, the only time I saw a bear, was when I was driving west out of the park, and waited a long time for a bear to get out of the road. It was the largest bear I’ve seen-no idea if it was a black or grizzly bear..I gave it all the time it needed to check out my tiny nissan hatchback!

NC moves away from education


Image: ‘(ex)it
by Martin Fisch (CC BY 2.0)
Found on flickrcc.net

I’ve been working with NC community colleges for the past 12 years, since a community college really turned my life around..when I was hired, you had to write about what you thought of the open door policy at the 58 NC community colleges..we accepted anyone who wanted to learn..but because of relentless budget cuts, we have to tell students to go to other schools when our classes fill..this has been happening the last two years..many many community colleges are in worse shape. I just hate not being able to teach those who want and need it! NC has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation..yet our legislators provided money for private schools vs public schools..this past legislative session..

A lot is said about the cuts in university faculty and K -12 teachers but NC community college faculty and staff can’t get tenure..so we can be laid off or fired at any time…our College President has done all he could..cutting part-time adjuncts, not hiring staff after they leave or retire..but now he may have to lay off staff and faculty..K-12 teachers are losing pay increases for getting their masters now..we lost that years ago..even though more classes require a masters before you can teach it.

Most of our senior staff have retired..now our middle management is retiring as well..and folks aren’t interested in taking on more and more tasks..we’ve gotten 2% in pay increases in 12 years..so we’re not doing it for the money!

fyi: I don’t teach English..

Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Yellowstone

Yellowstone Natl Park waterfall

Yellowstone Natl Park by waswisgirl1, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I went to see Old Faithful, the geyser, but the photos look pretty bad.

I did manage to take some nice shots of waterfalls as I hiked in Yellowstone, though, so I added one of them here.

As I hiked along a trail in Yellowstone, I saw a number of people pointing at the area where I was, across a large field. I got closer to the opening towards the field, and saw a buffalo, about a 100 yards from me, who hadn’t noticed me at all (thank goodness), since it was grazing. What I did see, though, was a man with a camera, across the field, coming towards the buffalo (and me). I had read the material about the animals in the park, so I knew a buffalo could run 30+mph, and did not like to be approached . So I backed away from the opening, and kept hiking.

American Pronghorn - Hart MT National Antelope Refuge

Credit: Mariyln Gregory/USFWS

I don’t get why people who know nothing about wild animals think they can do whatever they want around them? At least the pronghorn antelope are way too fast to do anything but watch in amazement. I saw antelope jumping and running when driving between Tetons and Yellowstone National Park..as well as grazing elk..onwards to Glacier!

Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Tetons

Tetons Natl Park and lake

Tetons Natl Park by waswisgirl1, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

After getting through the Wind River, I made it to the Tetons and camped in Tetons National Park.

As I left to hike a few miles, I ran into a couple in an RV that told me that they had been to all of the sites in the Tetons and Yellowstone…I was amazed that they could hike that much. When I said so, they told me that they had driven to all of the sites!

I had a great time hiking up to the alpine lakes, and couldn’t believe it when I came across a mother moose and her calf. I backed away carefully just as someone pushed past me with their camera to take a picture. I warned them that moose could be dangerous, and she told me to shut up..I hope for her sake she got her picture safely..but if not, she certainly would learn just how protective a mother moose could be..

Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Wind River

Wind RIver

Wind River Natl Forest, by waswisgirl1, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

After Devils Tower, I unfortunately listened to the advice of a very nice lady at a State Info Center, and on my way to the Tetons and Yellowstone, took a treacherous trip down a windy narrow canyon road under construction..and stopped at a Wind River Canyon campground, in the Bridger-Teton National Forest since I was exhausted. I was traveling by myself, so I always chatted to families and camped near them..which worked very well.

The wind whipped up something awful, thus the reason for the canyon being called the Wind River..I kept a hammer with me for pounding stakes into desert/hard packed dirt camping spots, and kept pounding those stakes in as furiously as I could, as other tents and camping equipment blew by me. The wind was howling so bad, some people’s tents blew down the ridge we were perched on top of. At the end of the wind tunnel rush, my tent was the only one still standing…on to the Tetons!