Bucket List Outdoor Trip — Olympic


Olympic National Park trail by waswisgirl1 CC BY-NC-ND

From the North Cascades, we  drove back past Seattle, past Mt Rainier and went to Olympic National Park. 

I’ve never been more disappointed in  a National Park.

Why? If you go to the mountains (part of Olympic Nat’l Park), then you’ll be somewhere like Mt Rainier National Park, which is beautiful alpine mountains/lakes (which I’ve already spent a week at, which is gorgeous), or if you go to the beach, you’ll see something like the Oregon coast, which I later went to. But the Olympic rainforest, which is probably incredible to a botanist, but to a Midwestern hiker, a temperate rainforest that is green from foot to sky, and very wet, is just plain boring, except for the occasional blue waterfall/river (see my photo of it). All of my other photos were just pure green, which was not interesting, to me, anyway.

After Olympic National Park, my buddy and I went to Oregon to check out the coast, Oregon Caves National Monument, and Crater Lake National Park.

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