Bucket List Outdoor Trip Pt6 Glacier

hiking in glacier national park

hiking in glacier national park

After Yellowstone, I drove to the south end of Glacier National Park, since I was on my way to Seattle to pick up a friend who was going to travel with me for a while.

I found my old campground / trail maps, and discovered I had stayed at Two Medicine in Glacier National Park. The first night the ranger came by and told me I had to put everything that could be considered food, including toothpaste and soaps with scents, into my trunk or they’d store it for me, since the Grizzly’s were very active in the eastern part of the park in the summer and they didn’t want to attract them.

Hiking in Glacier-Two Medicine

Hiking in Glacier-Two Medicine by waswisgirl1, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I read the info the park rangers provided about bears, so I bought these huge bear bells, and sang loudly while hiking..I ran across two backpackers, who took my picture, above. Since the foliage came up to my waist, and I was crossing streams, I had no choice but to make a lot of noise. Luckily, the only time I saw a bear, was when I was driving west out of the park, and waited a long time for a bear to get out of the road. It was the largest bear I’ve seen-no idea if it was a black or grizzly bear..I gave it all the time it needed to check out my tiny nissan hatchback!


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