Interesting Research: Education Could Use More ‘Connected’ Learning

Saw this 1/17/13 article in Campus Technology, where American and British researchers have released a report on Connected Learning. According to the author of the article Dian Schaffhauser, the report:

“advocates for a design for learning that is “peer supported,” “interest-powered,” and “academically oriented.”

What do the researchers propose young learners need today? According to the article, learners need to:

“link personal interests, often pursued online, to academic and career endeavors and civic engagement with the help of friends and ‘caring’ adults.”

What do they recommend learning environments should look like?

ConnectEd-Learning-SpheresImage: ‘ConnectEd-Learning-Spheres‘ Found on

The author suggests the researchers promote:

“.. learning environments in which everyone can participate, learning happens by doing, cultivation of interests is paramount, and everything is interconnected.”

My favorite advice from the report’s authors:

“use digital technology to combat the increasing reality of the haves and have-nots in education.”


Campus Technology Article: Research: Education Could Use More “Connected Learning”
The Report: Connected Learning pdf
Report published by: Connected Learning Research Network


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